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Introduce:The price of the bar through the water cooler, the effect of the bar through the water cooler: reduce the cost of 30 yuan / ton. Bar water through water cooler systemBar water cooler
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1 , introduction   
         The rod and wire water-cooling technology and equipment developed by Hengxu Rolling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have transformed the original traditional process of the rod and wire factory, changing the traditional practice of increasing the steel strength by increasing the alloy content of the steel. Adopting POMINI technology, its advantages are outstanding, production is stable, the automation system is stable and reliable, and the accident rate is basically zero. The successful application of this technology is to produce three-grade steel bars with 20MnSi in China ; it is of great significance to improve the performance of secondary steel bars and reduce the pressure of cold bed. It provides an effective way for China to achieve controlled rolling and controlled cooling at low cost.  


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Second, the principle and application effect  
         The device rapidly reduces the surface temperature of the rebar to 350 °C -400 °C after the 1000 °C bar is cooled by strong water penetration , while the core temperature of the rebar remains above 800 °C, and then passes through the core temperature. External diffusion causes the surface layer to temper and improve the mechanical properties of the material.  
   After the bar is cooled by water, the following effects can be achieved:  
1 ) Using the optimized chemical composition 20MnSi billet to produce secondary steel bars, reduce the alloy content and reduce the cost by 30 yuan / ton.  
2 ) Adopt Q235   The billet production produces secondary steel bars, reducing the cost by 30 yuan / ton.  
3 ) The use of 20MnSi billets to produce three-grade steel bars, and the cost of producing three-stage steel bars with twisted, vanadium and titanium alloys is reduced by more than 80 yuan.   
4 ) Production of British standard steel bars using 20MnSi blanks.  
Third, technical characteristics  
     1. The process cooling circulating water is turbid circulating water, the water treatment system can be shared, the cost is small, and the investment is low.  
     2 , special high-pressure nozzle design, high-pressure cavity design, through the mechanical method to ensure the cooling water volume and cooling strength of each rolling line during the two-cut and three-cut rolling.  
     3. The turbulence sleeve provided in the cooling water pipe forces the water flow in the pipe to flow in a turbulent state to enhance the heat exchange between the rolling stock and the cooling medium.  
     4. High water pressure and upper water ensure that the steel bars are evenly cooled in the turbulent tubes. Not only the flatness of the large-sized steel bars after cooling is good, but also the straightness of the small-size steel bars after rolling and rolling meets international requirements.  
     5 , the end of the water-wearing equipment uses a special form of water intercepting device to ensure that the thermal inspection and 3# cut operating environment without steam  
     6. The water-line and output roller are arranged on the hydraulically driven traverse frame, which makes the selection of the water-passing process flexible and quick to switch.  
Fourth, the system constitutes  
     1. The water supply system, including the suction pump and booster pump, its piping and various accessories;  
     2. Water-cooling device, including single-line cooling pipe, two-cut cooling pipe and three-cut cooling pipe designed according to process requirements;  
     3 , traverse mechanism, including traverse trolley, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic station;  
     4 , automatic control system, including basic automation and host computer;  
     5 , measurement system, including infrared thermometer and pressure sensor;  
     6. Execution system, including electric valve, frequency converter and other valves.  
Five, automatic control system function  
     1. The water pressure of the water cooling system and the closed-loop control of the booster pump motor frequency converter ensure that the water pressure of the system is stable and achieve good energy saving effect.  
     2 , closed-loop control of the cooling bed temperature and cooling water volume (electrical valve opening degree), PLC can automatically adjust the cooling water according to the difference between the measured temperature and the set temperature to ensure that the temperature of the cooling bed on the steel bar is within a certain range. For example, 20 °C; to ensure stable performance of steel.  
     3 , through the industrial control machine to achieve remote (in the main control room) through the water cooling process download, set and still work modified.  
     4. Automatically record and display parameters such as pump motor working status, ESC valve opening degree, temperature and pressure.



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