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I. Overview of the tapping machine

The hot rolling tapping machine belongs to the metallurgical equipment and is mainly used for carrying the billet: the heated billet is removed from the heating furnace and placed on the conveying roller for the next step. The basic action of the hot-rolled tapping machine is the rise and fall of the support arm, and the advancement and retreat of the overall body.

With the in-depth development of energy saving and cost reduction work of major steel mills, in order to adapt to the development plan of the enterprise, the original mechanical tapping machine was changed to a hydraulic type tapping machine, or a new type of hydraulic tapping machine was assembled. Due to the increase in the size of the processed blanks of the enterprise, the thrust of some mechanical tapping machines cannot meet the needs, and the transformation of the original tapping machine becomes inevitable. Considering the poor stability of the original mechanical tapping machine, it is easy to cause Steel runs off, causing steel accidents, unable to adapt to working conditions, high equipment failure rate, seriously affecting production rhythm, complex structure, large space occupation, large total equipment weight, high operating cost, inconvenient maintenance, and difficult maintenance Therefore, it was decided to design a hydraulic type tapping machine to solve the above problems. The hydraulic tapping machine greatly enhances the smoothness of the movement, and the whole device has compact structure, small occupied space, small total weight of the equipment, and convenient maintenance and overhaul.


   The CGJ series tapping machine is the metallurgical rolling steel industry. The steel billet that has reached the heating standard in the heating furnace is pushed out to enter the next step. The main equipment is also called the top steel machine. 
The device is available in both mobile and fixed versions, and customers can purchase it according to actual needs.

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Second, the structure characteristics and working principle of the tapping machine

   The CGJ series tapping machine is composed of main components such as motor, reducer, brake, friction roller, water cooling pusher and movable platform. It causes the steel billet in the steel trough to pass through the friction, the roller pushes the water to cool the push rod, pushes the billet to the next step, and enters the tapping roller path. The device has reasonable structure, safety, reliability and convenient operation.

Third, the steel machine selection method summary table

Serial number




Big thrust



Pusher stroke



Pusher speed



motor model



Reducer model



Trolley walking speed




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