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Introduce:Suitable for induction quenching of shafts, gears, guides, discs, pins, etc., providing quenching equipment composition selection method, quenching equipment furnace structure selection, quenching equipment circulation cooling system selection , method of selecting parameters of quenching equipment
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400 KW / 4KHZ quenching equipment process parameters:

1. Quenching temperature: 880 °C

2. Quenching depth: 3-5 mm

3. Workpiece diameter: 400 mm, 300 mm, 200 mm, 150 mm

 heating frequency selection

The choice of the quenching heating frequency depends mainly on the relationship between the thickness of the workpiece and the depth of penetration of the current generated by the heating frequency. If the frequency is too low, the heating efficiency will be significantly reduced. If the frequency is too high, the heating depth will be insufficient, and the temperature on the surface and inside of the workpiece will be uneven. For large diameter shaft workpieces, our company recommends a heating frequency of 4 KHz to make the entire workpiece quench evenly.


quenching transformer

In order to achieve the matching of the intermediate frequency resonance, a quenching transformer must be connected before heating the inductor.

The PR type quenching transformer is composed of a core and a primary secondary winding. The iron core is made up of 0.2-0.3mm thick high-magnetic imported silicon steel sheets (3K pieces). The iron core cooling adopts a water jacket type structure, and the transformer has strong overload capability, which is especially suitable for long-term continuous operation. The winding coils are wound in an overlapping manner, and the turns ratio is changed more, and the original paying side can be arbitrarily combined into odd-even ratios according to needs, and the load adaptability is strong. The specific parameters are as follows:



Matching intermediate frequency power

Primary side ratio

Secondary side ratio

Adaptive frequency

PR- 2000

20 00KVA



1 to 2


400 KW/4KHZ quenching equipment single set supply range

Serial number


Specification model




Intermediate frequency power supply

KGPS- 400 /4

1 set


Capacitor cabinet


1 set


Quenching transformer

PR- 20 00KVA

1 set


Heating sensor


Determined according to heating specifications


Water cooled cable

2 roots



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